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What is ZCash?

ZCash is a clone of bitcoin with the addition of strong privacy at the protocol level. ZCash achieves this through the use of a relatively new cryptographic technique called 'ZKSnarks'. ZCash transactions optionally employ the privacy features, thus there are two types of transactions available: standard bitcoin-like transactions, and 'shielded' private transactions that offer no visible blockchain history.

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🌸 Announcing Zcash Blossom upgrade

Zcash ($ZEC) project manager Nathan Wilcox announced the latest upgrade of Zcash, named Blossom, on Monday. Scheduled to activate around Oct. 28, 2019, Blossom has a variety of feature goals currently, including: harmony mining, split founders' reward, transaction confirmation usability and security improvements, light client protocol dovetailing, and BOLT support.

🧙🏽‍♀️ [Analysis] MimbleWimble: the good and the bad – Mohamed Fouda

MimbleWimble (MW) was a Bitcoin ($BTC) improvement proposal made to achieve transaction privacy. Nevertheless, it was rejected by the community as it required significant changes to the protocol.   Benefits of MW include: Better privacy for users by shielding transaction amounts and avoiding the use of publicly visible addresses It allows for smaller blocks and smaller blockchain data size which makes it easier for nodes to join the network The shortcomings of MW include: There is a need to have some form of communication between the sender and receiver It is more difficult to create multi-party transactions The transactions are not fully private and can be deciphered given enough analysis Other privacy maintaining techniques, particularly Zcash's ($ZEC) shielded transactions and Monero's ($XMR) Ring Confidential Transactions and stealth addresses achieve significantly better privacy.

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ZCash originated as a code-fork of Bitcoin, and kept the overall monetary-supply properties: block-reward halvings every 4-years, resulting in a total supply cap of 21,000,000 ZEC. While the overall supply is the same as bitcoin, the details differ. Specifically, ZCash uses 2.5minute blocks, generating 12.5 ZEC per block. Furthermore, 20% of the new coins issued in every block during the first 850,0001 blocks (~4 years) are considered 'Founder Rewards' and are allocated to the owners of the ZCash Company2. After block 850,000, all block rewards go to miners, resulting a total of 10% of the total eventual ZEC supply allocated as 'Founder Rewards'.