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$13,160 +0.82% 24hr

$1.5B market cap

$52.5M volume

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Wrapped Bitcoin Overview

Wrapped Bitcoin is the first ERC20 token backed 1:1 with Bitcoin..
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24hr Range (USD)

$12,802 to $13,427

1hr Range (USD)

$13,123 to $13,342

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Uniswap (v2)


$49.6M (93.85%)





$3.17M (5.99%)


-1.06% 7 more small-volume pairs.

Wrapped Bitcoin News

Q3 2020 DeFi Review: DeFi Reaches Peak Exuberance Before Coming Back Down to Earth

Jack Purdy 19 Oct 2020

Read the full report Use the offer code DEFIQ3 to get a free month of Messari Pro! It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. In Q3, liquidity mining drove both DeFi usage and token prices to all-time highs as the space was flooded with increased capital and attention. DEXs that were trading in the single-digit millions at the... read more

Wrapped Bitcoin Continues its Rapid Growth Surpassing $1 billion Outstanding

Jack Purdy 5 Oct 2020

The total value of Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) has surpassed the billion-dollar mark as the demand for bitcoin Ethereum continues to surge. The BitGo-custodied tokens have exploded over the last few months as bitcoin holders look to put their assets to productive use in the ever-expanding world of DeFi. Users looking to acquire WBTC can do so on DEXs and when... read more

The tether-ization of wBTC

Jack Purdy 23 Jul 2020

Crypto is full of tradeoffs. Users who don’t want to worry about losing their private keys can sacrifice control for better user experience by moving funds to Coinbase. Developers who want to build a dApp can concede node decentralization for higher throughput by moving from Ethereum to a DPoS chain like EOS. Traders who care about self-custody can opt for... read more

More About Wrapped Bitcoin


Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is a project by Bitgo, Kyber Network and Republic Protocol to build an ERC20 token that enables new application use cases for Bitcoin on Ethereum. WBTC is an attempt to standardize bitcoins according to ERC20 which allows Ethereum smart contract developers, decentralized exchange orders, and other parts of the Ethereum ecosystem direct exposure to Bitcoin's liquidity by serving as a 1:1 pegged coin. ... Learn more about Wrapped Bitcoin's background.